Project Wall of Prayer Links the Nations to Israel in Prayer

What Does the Wall of Prayer Do?We link members of the Body of Messiah in the nations, with specific places in Israel to pray for, building a spiritual wall of protection around Israel.
Through this project, thousands of believers in over 100 countries are praying for every inhabited place in the Land. Our ongoing commitment to the intercessors is to be their eyes and ears supplying whatever information we can, relative to the communities for which they are praying. What is being built cannot be seen in the natural, but we believe, is very powerful in the spiritual realm.
What Are Our Needs?We endeavor to get out and about in the land; to visit as many different communities as CFI can and meet the people, and to encourage them as well as getting first-hand information and pictures for the intercessors. Many Israelis don't realize that there are Christians all over the world standing with Israel. They are excited to hear about CFI and the Wall of Prayer, but they have no way of knowing if CFI is unable to go out and tell them. "Administrative costs" may not sound too exciting, but they represent resources that we really can't do without - things like paper, postage, electricity, and necessary equipment get the job done.

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